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Setting Associates up for Success

Along with providing continuing education opportunities and tuition reimbursement, we provide a path to professional success through our robust new-hire training and leadership development programs.

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Associate Onboarding

When joining Grand Pacific Resorts, associates are guided through an interactive orientation, along with assistance navigating benefit programs like medical, dental and 401K plans so you can plan for your future.

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Where Leaders Are Developed

Associates who are accepted into our leadership development program, the GRAND BE EPIC TRAILBLAZERS (Grand B.E.T.), are mentored and taught leadership skills specific to hospitality and management, along with the knowledge to help them become effective at overseeing all facets of operations.

Associate Achievement in Action


Nick S.

Grand Pacific Vacation Services Supervisor
Grand Pacific Vacation Services

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:
From starting as an Activities Attendant and Guest Services Agent at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, to my supervisor position at Grand Pacific Vacation Services, I’ve always had great memories of camaraderie. From events with guests and owners, to team luncheons, it’s hard to pick one moment. I just love that Grand Pacific Resorts feels like a big family.

Which BE EPIC value best represents you?
Empowerment – I enjoy having the ability to give my team the opportunity to make decisions that better serve our owners and guests. Grand Pacific Resorts empowers us to work together to come up with the best solutions to provide excellent service.

How have the education and tuition programs helped you achieve your goals?
After completing an Associates Degree through our partnership with College for America, I’ve become more organized, efficient, thorough, and a better team player. Also, I believe getting my Associates Degree has helped me become a better supervisor.

Kelly B.

Senior Director of Owner Loyalty
Grand Pacific Vacation Services

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:
One of my favorite events is our Best of the Best awards dinner where we celebrate our BE EPIC champions of the Year.  It’s inspiring when the Resort Managers and their Best of the Best honorees come together. At the event you get the wonderful opportunity to witness the infectious energy, and the pride and love for what we do.  I love watching associates smile as they walk up to accept their award and share their stories.  When I see at our team so proud and passionate, I am inspired to be better.

Which Grand Pacific Resorts BE EPIC value best represents you?
Balance – In my twenty-three years with Grand Pacific Resorts ‘Balance’ has become my driving force.  When I balance my work life and my home life I am able to be at my best for both.  I have an amazing husband, three kids, and a job that I love. I appreciate that I work for a company where ‘Balance’ is one of their core values.

What are you most passionate about and how does your job help you love your passion?
A huge part of who I am has always been helping others.  I am passionate about being of service and providing value.  That is true for owners, associates, and Grand Pacific Resorts as a whole. My role gives me the opportunity to do just that.  I am passionate about continuing to learn, do, and teach.  I have always held firm that you should always try and learn something new, do something new, and then teach something new.


Noyan S.

Operations Manager
Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:
The lasting connections I get to make with owners and guests are the best part of my job. We had a longtime owner whose husband passed away, requiring her to cancel their annual vacation with their grandkids, resulting in her losing her week. We worked it out and we were able to cover the cost of getting her a week through our internal exchange network, GPX, and when she returns next year we already have plans to surprise the family with Legoland tickets. Getting the opportunity to make a difference with owners and guests during tough times and providing them with the best vacation experience possible makes everything worth it.

Which BE EPIC value best represents you?
Empowerment – The culture at Grand Pacific Resorts allows me to make immediate changes for resort operations to run smoothly, helping me provide the best experience to guests and owners.

How has the Grand B.E.T. Leadership Development program helped you achieve your career goals?
I’ve always wanted to be a General Manager, and I love the fact that Grand Pacific Resorts has invested in my professional growth. After all three phases I’ll be a strong candidate for a General Manager position. I’ve already moved from Front Office Manager to Operations Manager and am being given the leadership skills to succeed.

Casey B.

Marketing Operations Manager
Grand Pacific Vacation Services, Marketing Communications

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:
Grand Pacific Resorts cares about associates and their families. I’m always so thankful that I have a team that supports me through rough moments, along with the inspiring support they provided to another associate during cancer treatments. Grand Pacific Resorts really upholds Balance in our BE EPIC values. Knowing that our leaders care about their associate’s professional and personal well-being makes me proud to be part of the GPR family.

Which BE EPIC value best represents you?
Consistency – My goals is to always provide the tools and resources to help others thrive. One of my responsibilities as Marketing Operations Manager is to define processes. I’m very structure driven and enjoy this task as it allows me to set high, yet achievable, standards that can be met consistently by me and our team to benefit the overall growth of the company.

How have you grown personally since working at Grand Pacific Resorts?
I started at Grand Pacific Palisades Resort and Hotel over thirteen years ago as a PBX operator. During my tenure there my supervisors encouraged me to peruse other professional endeavors within Grand Pacific Resorts. They recognized my analytical strengths and aptitude for problem solving and gave me the opportunity to progress through different departments, allowing me to learn about all facets of hospitality. Now as a the Marketing Operations Manager I’m able to use the knowledge I collected over the past thirteen years to drive improvement in both associate and guest experiences. This position really suits my talents and passion for efficiency.