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Setting Associates up for Success

Along with providing continuing education opportunities and tuition reimbursement, we provide a path to professional success through our robust new-hire training and leadership development programs.

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Associate Onboarding

When joining Grand Pacific Resorts, associates are guided through an interactive orientation, along with assistance navigating benefit programs like medical, dental and 401K plans so you can plan for your future.

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Where Leaders Are Developed

Associates who are accepted into our leadership development program, the GRAND BE EPIC TRAILBLAZERS (Grand B.E.T.), are mentored and taught leadership skills specific to hospitality and management, along with the knowledge to help them become effective at overseeing all facets of operations.

Associate Achievement in Action


Nick S.

Grand Pacific Vacation Services Supervisor
Grand Pacific Vacation Services

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:
From starting as an Activities Attendant and Guest Services Agent at Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, to my supervisor position at Grand Pacific Vacation Services, I’ve always had great memories of camaraderie. From events with guests and owners, to team luncheons, it’s hard to pick one moment. I just love that Grand Pacific Resorts feels like a big family.

Which BE EPIC value best represents you?
Empowerment – I enjoy having the ability to give my team the opportunity to make decisions that better serve our owners and guests. Grand Pacific Resorts empowers us to work together to come up with the best solutions to provide excellent service.

How have the education and tuition programs helped you achieve your goals?
After completing an Associates Degree through our partnership with College for America, I’ve become more organized, efficient, thorough, and a better team player. Also, I believe getting my Associates Degree has helped me become a better supervisor.

Sean Herriott

Sean H.

General Manager
Southern California Beach Club

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:

From starting as a part time Front Desk Agent at Grand Pacific Palisades eleven years ago, to becoming a General Manager for Villa L’Auberge and then at Southern California Beach Club, I have made so many great memories and lasting relationships with fellow Associates, Guests, and Owners. Grand Pacific Resorts feels like one big family, and they have provided me with an opportunity to grow within the company. This dynamic is truly special and one of the main reasons why I am so loyal to Grand Pacific Resorts!

Which BE EPIC value best represents you?
The BE EPIC value that best represents me is Passion. I have a passion for working at a resort with an incredible team. I especially enjoy being able to enrich the lives of our Associates, Guests, and Owners everyday that I come to work.

How have the education and tuition programs helped you achieve your goals?
Grand Pacific Resorts has given me the opportunity and tools to grow professionally and personally throughout the years. By completing the Leadership Development Programs within the company, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a General Manager. The leaders within our company take a personal interest in the growth of our Associates, and truly help them get on the path to achieve their goals. I have had many mentors throughout the years here at Grand Pacific Resorts, and I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am today without their support and guidance.

Vista H headshot

Vista S.

Assistant Director of Housekeeping
Hilton Grand Vacation Club at MarBrisa

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:

I find a lot of inspiration when I look back on the trajectory of my own career from starting as a Room Attendant and watching myself progress into my current role. This has been an incredible journey and has been filled with so many cherished memories of camaraderie. Whether it’s the engaging interactions I have with Guests and Owners during different events, or the delightful team luncheons we have for our Associates, Grand Pacific Resorts is more than just a workplace; it’s a close-knit family.

Which BE EPIC value best represents you?
Passion – My enthusiasm feeds my commitment to always study, create, and excel, much as a flame ignites purpose and drive. This passion for education and progress enables me to respond in meaningful and significant ways in all of my relationships and undertakings.

How have the education and tuition programs helped you achieve your goals?
The education and tuition programs have been really helpful in propelling me toward my goals. After receiving my Associate’s Degree from Palomar College, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in hospitality management, primarily hotel and tourism at SDSU. The tuition program at Grand Pacific Resorts has been a transforming gift, allowing me to broaden my knowledge and talents in pursuit of a career that symbolizes leadership and greatness. This initiative has not only relieved my financial load, but has also increased my sense of gratitude, underscoring the organization’s dedication to supporting personal and professional development.

Adrian P

Adrian P.

Houseman Lead
Hilton Grand Vacation Club at MarBrisa

Share a memorable or inspiring moment as an associate:

A find a tremendous sense of inspiration in watching the incredible bravery a fellow Associate of mine has shown in his battle with cancer. This was a devastating life event but I was able to watch as he persevered and fought through it, eventually gaining enough strength to rejoin our Team. I am incredibly fond of this Associate for his humor, friendliness, professionalism, compassion, and leadership. He still works with the GPR family today and his drive is incredibly inspiring to me.

Which BE EPIC value best represents you?
Passion is the value that best represents me. I have given five years of service to GPR, and I think that passion has led the way for me. It is passion that beats all obstacles and continues to help me move forward alongside my team. I am excited to continue to grow with Grand Pacific Resorts and for the amazing opportunities that await.

How have the education and tuition programs helped you achieve your goals?
One of my goals is to become a manager in Grand Pacific Resorts. Going back to school in order to achieve this goal seemed like a daunting effort considering the time and money that would be required. Through our company’s partnership with University of the People, I was able to have the flexibility in both time and money to kick-start my education. University of the People is a low-cost, fully online, accredited University that has easily allowed me to pursue a BA in Business Administration. Through the tuition reimbursement program at Grand Pacific Resorts, my tuition will be paid for upon completion of my degree. Essentially, I am getting a college degree for free! Thanks to this partnership, I am on the right path to achieve my professional goals.